EA Access subscribers will have the chance to win a limited-time bundle of six EA titles at the end of September.

The EA Access promotion will start on October 11, and can be redeemed for either a copy of Battlefield 4 or EA Access Plus membership.

EA Access will also offer a $10 gift card to any participating retailer, and the deal will be available for purchase in stores for a limited time.

Here’s a look at the six games available for the deal:Battlefield 4Battlefield HardlineThe Evil WithinThe Evil ThespiansThe Evil DeadDead Rising The Lost VikingsFallout 4Fallout: New Vegas The Last of UsFallout ShelterBattlefield 1Battlefield 2Battlefield 3Battlefield: Bad Company 2Battlefront: Bad companyThe Last of USEA Access members can also earn access to all six games via the EA Store for $15 a year.

It includes access to exclusive beta and multiplayer modes.

The price goes up to $35 a year when you add a subscription to EA Access.

If you’re an EA Access subscriber, you’ll also receive a free copy of The Evil Within for the first five months of the deal, but that discount is not valid on any digital content.

You’ll also get access to a free demo of the game during the promo period.

The demo is available in both English and German.

The Last Of UsFalldown: New EnglandThe Last DaysFallout 3Fallout New VegasThe Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel UnlimitedThe Last NightFallout VFallout 2The Last WordFallout TacticsFallout PetsThe Elder GodsFallout CityFallout All-StarsFallout Last StandFallout The Last Stand (PS4)Fallout 5Fallout 6Fallout 7The Last DayFallout the Last ofus: Evil The Spies The Evil Dead: The Last Day of a LegendFallout LegendsFallout 1The Elder StatesThe Last HopeFallout SurvivalFallout OnlineFallout ExtremeFallout Naughty DogFallout Dogtags aes promo code

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