Posted June 01, 2018 07:00:00 AUSTRALIA’S federal government is moving to take control of e-tailer Zebulon, after the retailer’s chief executive was forced to resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

Key points:Zebulons chief executive, who is facing sexual harassment allegations, is set to take over as CEO of a new e-marketing platformZebula has been a part of SA’s e-business since 2011But the company has faced mounting pressure over allegations from former employees over its business practicesIt is unclear whether Zebula will continue to run Zebulas e-mail list or move on to a new venture.

The Federal Government said on Thursday it had appointed former SA state Labor senator Mary Berry as its new chief executive.

Senator Berry had been the chief executive of the SA branch of Australia Post, which merged with Zebuls e-listing platform, and was in charge of a number of aspects of the business.

The new CEO will take over on July 1, 2018.

In a statement on Thursday, Ms Berry said: “I am excited to be joining a powerful and exciting new government-owned enterprise and its mission is to transform the way people do business, and the way we engage with each other.”

As part of that mission, I look forward to working closely with the Federal Government and the Australian public on the development of the Zebulo platform.””

The platform will enable Zebuleans customers to access the best value e-books, books and magazines, all in one place, and in the most convenient way.

“I am looking forward to providing the best possible customer experience to all our customers and we are committed to supporting our business in this way.”

Senator Berry said she was excited to join the Federal government’s new leadership team.

“The Zebular e-markets offer Australians the best of both worlds, with their local content and wide range of ebooks and books available in our local markets,” she said.

“My role will be to help the new government of South Australia implement the new vision for the future of the e-book market.”

She said the new management team was in the early stages of its development and would begin the rollout of the platform’s ebooks, ebooks by category, and e-shopping.

Senator Julie Bishop said she had a number new people on the board and would provide them with the support they needed.

“Zebule will be a wonderful, successful and long-lasting addition to our e-retailer family,” she told the ABC.

“It is an exciting time for Zebules management team as we begin to build the platform and we look forward the opportunity to share that vision and mission with our customers.”

Zebules website is still live in SA Zebular’s new CEO is expected to be announced on Thursday.

Ms Berry said the company was in “advanced discussions” with potential investors.

“We look forward in the coming days to the Federal and State Government to deliver on the promise to invest in our business,” she added.

“For the past decade, Zebulator has built a community of loyal customers across South Australia, with many of whom have made the ZEBULON team their home for years.”

Now, with a new leadership, Zebra will be able to take its place in the Australian e-trade ecosystem, and we will continue our mission of providing the very best value to our loyal customers.


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