You don’t have to rely on a paypal account to pay at restaurants.

But the app that lets you make your own cash payments on your smartphone is changing the way people pay for meals in the U.S.

And it’s going to take some time to catch up with the rise of digital cash, which has changed how people shop, buy goods and pay for things online.

So what does an app do?

A simple one: it lets you pay with your smartphone.

To pay for something online, you use a smartphone to scan a QR code.

The code, or code pad, is then printed out on a card.

The card is scanned with your phone and an app shows the amount of the payment.

The app can help people pay in less than 10 seconds, depending on its size, speed and accuracy.

It also allows you to scan and print the code pad from your smartphone to a debit card, credit card or other payment method.

The new app, called Paypal, is gaining traction among restaurants, bars and cafes.

The first step is to buy the app.

It comes with the basic software, but users can download additional software that lets them set up pay-at-home programs, set up payment systems, or create pay-as-you-go accounts.

The software lets users create and edit payments and then print the codes and pay with the app’s payment system, which can then be used on other apps, such as Paypal’s mobile wallet.

You can use Paypal to make payments to your mobile device and to pay on an app that you want to pay with, such a grocery store, a fast food restaurant or an e-commerce site.

The apps will need a Paypal account, but the app will automatically register you if you open it in the app, even if you have no Paypal accounts.

You’ll also need an account with Paypal for any payments to and from your mobile phone.

Paypal will let you make payments through your Paypal Wallet, a service that lets people pay using credit cards, debit cards and credit and debit cards on their mobile devices.

But you can also create your own payments using Paypal itself, or make payments on other platforms, such in-app purchases or through the Paypal mobile app.

The Paypal app is free to download and available for both Android and iPhone.

The service is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

PayPal is offering two versions: one for restaurants, and another for bar and cafe owners.

The latter offers bar and restaurant owners access to their customers’ pay-based loyalty programs, including their loyalty points.

The app is available for Android phones only, while the restaurant version is available in the Apple App Store.

The restaurant version costs $0.99 and includes a small app for the app to create your payment pad and a QRcode reader.

The restaurant version can be used for in-store payments and payments on the app itself.

The pay-for-restaurant app will be available in English, French and Spanish in the next couple of months, according to a PayPal spokeswoman.

The mobile app also offers restaurant owners the option to create payment systems for their customers and to make online payments on mobile devices, including pay-per-click.

The pay-up-later option will be included in the restaurant app, as will an option to pay through the restaurant’s Paypal wallet.

The bar and lounge version costs the same $0 (about $1) per month.

It’s also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The company has a lot of options for restaurant owners.

It offers the ability to create loyalty programs and also offers online payments.

For example, the restaurant owner can set up an in-house loyalty program or a pay-through-your-mobile-wallet program, or she can create a Paypal account.

The in-person payment option lets restaurant owners earn loyalty points by accepting customers’ purchases.

For instance, a restaurant owner who accepts customers’ purchase can earn loyalty by agreeing to buy more of a menu item from her business.

The payment system also lets you set up Paypal payments for payment on other services, such on Amazon or other mobile websites.

It lets you manage payments on a website, such Paypal-branded PayPal.

The company offers an app called Paypay, which lets users set up the Paypay account, sign up for Paypal loyalty programs or set up in-place payments.

Paypay also offers a pay site called PayPay for small businesses and restaurants.

The companies that offer pay sites have their own unique rules about what payments to accept.

For businesses, the rules vary by location, and for restaurants and bars, they can vary depending on whether the restaurant has a Payphone app or is using a PayPay app.

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