Lexus launched a new smartwatch in early 2016, and its features and capabilities have only grown in value over the past year.

But the device has been plagued by price and battery issues, and today the company is releasing a firmware update to address the problems.

The firmware update fixes a number of issues, including issues with charging and the possibility of battery issues.

The update also brings support for the latest Android Wear platform.

We’re excited to share that the firmware update for our Smartwatch 2 will be available for download on May 6th.

If you’re a fan of our SmartWatch, you can download the firmware by visiting this link.

We’ve also made a few other important updates to our app, including a new version of our new YouTube app, as well as new features and optimizations for our online store.

If the update doesn’t fix all of the issues with the smartwatch, you should be able to upgrade to the firmware and enjoy the improvements over the coming months.

This is a good time to update the app, since the app is still a work in progress and we need your help getting it to the right place.

If any of these features don’t work properly for you, please let us know.

The Lexus SmartWatch 2 has been one of the best smartwatches on the market for years.

The device’s price has never been a concern, and the smartwear’s battery life has been a point of contention.

Now that it’s been updated with a firmware upgrade, there are some issues we’ve noticed.

The biggest one is the issue of charging.

We know a lot of owners of smartwears don’t want to have to recharge their watches, but we’ve also noticed that people who have had issues with battery life have had a hard time with charging their watches.

So we’re updating the app to use Google’s Wifi-based Wifi, which provides an extremely reliable connection to the car.

This allows us to get a much more stable connection, as we’ll be able connect to the network at a much higher speed.

The Wifi connection is also much better than using your own phone.

We also improved the experience with the app’s settings, and you can now set notifications for the phone’s status and toggles on/off.

We will also add support for Android Wear.

The company has said that the update will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

This update will also bring support for our YouTube app.

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