The American conservative magazine The American Spectator has published a story titled I’m Not the Only Woman Who Can Get Paid for Being a Muslim in its new issue.

It details the difficulties women have when it comes to earning a living as a woman in the Islamic world.

The article, which was first published on March 17, was written by Rati Shokrati, a Saudi writer and blogger.

She describes the problems many women have in the Muslim world as well as some solutions for women in the United States.

Shokrui also notes that some women who are working in the American Muslim community in the U.S. are still discriminated against, and is not the first to write about this issue.

She has also written on other issues in her blog, Women, Feminism, and Politics.

The first version of the article, written by Shokriyati and published in February 2017, was also featured on the cover of the March 17 issue of The American Christian.

In the new article, Shokratis concerns are also focused on the difficulties facing American Muslim women.

According to her, the lack of funding and the lack in opportunities for advancement in the US and abroad have led to women being left out in the cold.

It is also a question of where women should be.

According the article in The American Conservatives, “Many of us are Muslim, but some of us, including those in the West, are not.

We are not supposed to be the women in your life.

We should be the ones you can look up to.”

According to the article published in The New Republic, Shoko Rabii, a writer and director of the American Institute of Islamic Thought, is the author of a new book, Islam’s War on the West: The Hidden War Against American Democracy, published in April 2017.

In her book, Rabii writes that “Muslim women have experienced a vicious war against the West in which they have been targeted, harassed, attacked, and marginalized.”

According the book, “Muslim womanhood has been cast into the category of the enemy.

It was the enemy of women.”

Shokrai explains that “we are living in a Muslim world, a world in which women are treated like subhumans.

This is not how a civilized society operates.”

The article also points out that women have had to go through the process of coming to terms with their identity as Muslims.

“As a Muslim, it is my responsibility to explain to women what it means to be Muslim, and it is not easy,” Shokre wrote.

“This is why I am a Muslim.

I can’t go into it all on my own.

I have to help my community.

I don’t want them to become a burden on my life.

It’s not that I don to be a victim of discrimination, or that I won’t fight against it.

But I can help my Muslim community.”

The American conservatives says that it hopes to reach out to Muslim women and offer solutions.

It states that they are also interested in hearing from American women about their experiences with being a Muslim woman.

“I hope we can learn from one another and help each other to get past our own prejudices,” Shoko said.

“We must learn to work together, rather than tearing each other apart.”

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