The UK has an annual holiday quota, but many other EU countries also offer their own holidays as part of their collective “eu” quota.

The number of EU holidays varies considerably from country to country, but it is estimated that around 1.5 million people take part in the UK holiday programme.

You can find out which EU countries offer their nationals the opportunity to travel abroad for free, and how to book a holiday for yourself.

Here are some of the most popular destinations: Germany: The German government’s own official holiday travel guide offers a free-to-go holiday for everyone over the age of 18 in the country’s capital Berlin.

However, you will have to register for a visa before you can enjoy your holiday.

It is possible to book your holiday online.

Austria: Austria has a similar free-in-country holiday programme to the UK, which is offered through an Austrian travel agency.

It offers up to a 10-day holiday in each of the country´s 31 cantons.

The Austrian government will reimburse the full cost of your holiday with an extra 10-euro payment per day, but there are no restrictions on the number of days you can stay.

The government will also pay your hotel bills, as well as cover any costs related to a rental car.

Hungary: The country’s tourism board offers up its own free-on-a-one-day option.

This is an option that is limited to citizens aged 18 and above.

However the Austrian government has recently implemented a new law that allows all citizens aged between 18 and 65 to enjoy free holidays for up to six months.

This law has also been extended to all the Austrian territories and towns.

Italy: It is also possible to take part free of charge in the Italian holiday program.

However this offer is only available in the southern part of the southern Italian province of Bologna, where the capital is Rome.

The free-off-a-$day scheme will cost €60 per person and is available only in the city centre.

If you are travelling to Rome, the option will also include a free pizza on arrival, a meal and a free car rental.

Slovakia: This country offers its citizens a free holiday in the Czech Republic, with the option to visit Prague, which will cost the equivalent of around €160 per person.

The scheme will be available for up 2.5 months from the time of the visa application.

The Czech Republic also offers its residents the opportunity of booking a day trip to the Slovak capital, Bratislava, for €100 per person, which would be €200 per person if you are over the 18-year-old limit.

Latvia: The Latvian government has also announced that it will allow free holiday travel for citizens over the aged of 18.

The Latnian government will pay the hotel bill of up to €100 for a stay of two days.

The same holiday will be offered in all other regions.

However if you do not have the required visa, it will be paid by your credit card, and not the government.

Estonia: The Estonian government offers a similar scheme for its citizens, although there are restrictions on when you can take part.

However it will only allow a free day trip for up 5 days, and is only offered in the capital Tallinn.

Estonia will also cover any travel related costs incurred, including a car rental, hotel bill, meals and transportation costs.

Finland: The Finnish government offers free holiday access to its citizens on a one-off basis, but this is only for the period from October 1st to December 31st.

The country is home to a population of around 1,400,000, so a free trip will be limited to those in their early 20s and above, which means that the majority of people over the ages of 18 will be able to visit Finland for free.

The plan does not cover holidays to other EU member states.

Norway: The Norwegian government is also offering a free one-day trip for all citizens over 18, and offers an additional one-week holiday in Oslo, which costs €40 per person for the whole trip.

Norway also provides an extra two weeks of holiday to all those who live in the North.

Portugal: Portugal is another country that offers its nationals the chance to visit abroad for a free weekend.

This plan is available for those over the Age of 18 and can be booked online.

However only the country has a free on-site holiday program, with a maximum of 10 days in the summer months.

If travelling to Portugal, it is recommended to book the trip in advance.

France: The French government has announced that all French citizens over 25 years of age will be eligible to take advantage of a free four-day vacation.

The French Government is also making the country the first in Europe to offer an annual “guideline” holiday for every resident over

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