The Kohls and Kmart have partnered to offer students a Kohls promo coupon.

It’s not a regular promo coupon, but rather a Kohl’s promocampount coupon, which allows students to get a discount at Kmart.

The promo coupon is only valid for the student’s school, but can be used on any retailer’s products and offers.

So, if you live in Hawaii, or just want to check out some of the products in Kmart, you can get a Kohles promo coupon for a year at K-Mart for $50.

Here’s how to use the promo coupon at KMart: The promo code will be displayed on your Kmart account page when you use it.

You’ll have to enter it in the “Promo Code” box.

You’ll need to provide your student ID card and a valid e-mail address to get the promo code.

Once you have that, click on “Apply Coupon.”

You will then receive an e-card that will contain a Kohling promo code that will be emailed to your student account within a few minutes.

You can then use it to redeem your discount at any Kmart product, including Kohls, Kmart Gift Cards, K-mart Home Improvement, and Kohls apparel.

The promo code is valid for 1 year, so the promo can only be used once.

Kmart and have both confirmed that this promo code works on their websites.

Kohls offers a special offer, which offers a free Kohls gift card to students who sign up for the Kohlpromo program for the first time.

This promo code can be redeemed for the same Kohls promotion at any time and is valid until Jan. 31, 2021.

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