RTE 1.

To get a promontinency on the Romanian black market you need to be willing to pay up to 300,000 lei per month for the right to buy, according to a report by RTE’s news magazine.

The black market for promontenency on Romanian black markets has become increasingly profitable over the past few years as demand has risen for the luxury goods.

In January this year, the black markets had a turnover of around 600,000 Romanian lei (£1,000).

The same month, there were nearly 4,000 transactions in the market, according a report published in April by the Romanian Association for Trade in Real Estate.

It’s not just for luxury goods, but also for property and financial instruments, such as shares, which can be bought for up to 250,000 zloty (£1.5m) each, or as a mortgage.

It also has been a booming market for jewellery and other jewellery items.

The black market has become more popular in the past couple of years, according the report.

The Romanian Association of Trade in REAL ESTATE has launched an investigation into the situation, according with the report, and is looking into how it has been operating.

The association’s President, Dafna Popescu, told RTE that she had received several complaints about the black economy.

“It is the first time we have heard of the problem,” Popesca told RTV’s Romanian edition.

“There are two main types of the black business.

One is the illegal one, which we don’t have control over and that is the one which is done in the shadows, so that’s the other one which has been around for a long time.”

But the other is the more legitimate one, that is for sale.

It’s a lot of people, and I would say in the last few years there are about 20,000 or 30,000 people that are involved.

“She added that she hoped the investigation would lead to changes.RTE reported that in April, a group of Romanian citizens was charged with fraudulently buying a $5.3m house for about 2,000,000 euros.

The group, led by a lawyer, were arrested and held in prison for two weeks.

According to a Romanian official, it appears the group were trying to get around a requirement of the local police to make their property a minimum of 3,000 square metres.

The official said the property is worth about $1m (£800,000) and the group bought the house to make the value go up to a further $1.3 million.

He said that, while the case was against some members of the group, it did not affect the owners or their assets.RTV reported in January that the black-market for promiscuity was flourishing and that prices had risen by about 10% between 2011 and 2015.

The report also said that in May 2017, there was a major increase in the number of buyers for luxury items, including watches, cars and furniture.

The new trend for the black marketplace in Romania has been to buy the goods of high-end luxury goods and jewellery, but the most popular items in the black is a high-speed train.

Rte reported in April that a number of Romanian towns and cities had been experiencing a boom in the sale of luxury goods in the wake of the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

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