Argentina is “a worlds worst abuse victim”, according to Amnesty International’s latest report on human rights in the country.

Amnesty’s latest findings are based on the data collected by the NGO’s annual report on the human rights situation in the nation.

The report details the cases of at least 30,000 people, including children, who have died in detention or on arrival in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

The number is far higher than previous estimates.

The NGO said that the number of people awaiting deportation had nearly tripled since last year.

The group said that more than half of those who arrived by boat from Argentina are in poor health and suffering from overcrowded conditions.

In total, the report found that more people are languishing in detention facilities than in the prisons and detention centres that were set up for them.

Amnesty said that it had received several complaints about conditions in the detention centres and found evidence of mistreatment, as well as “systematic violations of the right to health, the right of access to legal assistance and the right not to be arbitrarily detained.”

Amnesty’s report has sparked widespread debate and controversy.

Many have expressed outrage that Amnesty’s figures are being used as a tool by Argentine politicians to justify their crackdown on asylum seekers.

The organisation said that these figures are “misleading and grossly exaggerating the human toll of Argentine deportations.”

The report said that in 2015 alone, more than 1,000 asylum seekers died while waiting for their deportation orders to be processed, including 1,800 children.

Amnesty International has also called for an independent inquiry into the deaths.

The rights organisation also said that Argentina’s death toll is a reflection of a “systemic, systemic failure” on the part of authorities to investigate cases of torture, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and torture and inhuman treatment.

A spokeswoman for Amnesty International said the organisation is deeply concerned by the numbers of asylum seekers who are dying while awaiting deportation.

“It is clear that the death toll in Argentina is far greater than the official numbers show,” Amnesty’s Maria de Jesús Martínez said in a statement.

“There is no doubt that the situation in Argentina remains unacceptable.

This report is the latest salvo in our ongoing fight against the Argentina’s human rights record, and our calls for an urgent investigation into all of these issues.”

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