A former president has joined the ranks of the global agents who used their positions in Washington to promote and profit from policies they opposed in other countries, including those of the United States, according to new documents released by the State Department.

In an unusual move, the former president, Donald Trump, now a presumptive presidential candidate, has joined two former officials who served under former President Barack Obama in making his case for a U.S.-Canada free trade agreement that the Trump administration wants to pass in the coming weeks.

“He has been a highly successful foreign agent, working with foreign governments to promote a U:C.P.A. free trade deal,” a former official wrote in a memo to the Trump transition team in October 2016.

The former official said that “he was instrumental in the U.C.C.’s (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) declaration that recognized China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea.”

The former Obama administration official said Trump “favors” the deal and that the former official “is not aware of any effort by Mr. Trump to withdraw from it.”

The official said the former President is a “top priority for the Trump team” and that it is “important that he remain on the short list.”

In a statement, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said the candidate is “troubled” by the allegations and has “been clear that we will continue to seek a fair trade agreement.”

“The fact that he has become a highly respected foreign agent is a terrible indictment of the Obama Administration and of the administration of President Obama,” Hicks said.

Trump and the U: Canada trade deal is expected to garner support from the incoming Trump administration as it considers how to respond to a range of new trade complaints, including tariffs, currency devaluations and other trade challenges that the administration faces.

The trade deal would also expand the U.:C.T.’s authority to create new trade-related agreements.

Under the pact, Canada could unilaterally raise tariffs on imports from the United Kingdom and other countries by up to 30 percent, or impose a tariff of 20 percent on the value of Canadian goods, up from 15 percent.

Trump, meanwhile, is likely to seek to reduce the value-added tax rate to 35 percent, the highest in the world.

A U.K. official told the Financial Times last week that the trade deal “is about getting the U.-C.U. to become a real country again.”

“I don’t know what the next thing is,” said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the negotiations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump’s transition team did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump has made his campaign a focus of the new investigation, including a March press conference in which he said that the United Nations should be “put on trial for not protecting us and the American people.”

“They are a bunch of fat cats,” Trump said, referring to the U., Canadian and European Union.

“And they are going to pay a very, very high price for that.”

The new disclosures also show how the Obama administration worked to undermine efforts by Canada and other Pacific Rim countries to negotiate free trade agreements.

In one instance, former officials said, the Obama White House pressured Canada’s trade commissioner to withdraw a draft trade deal proposed by the U and Australia, even as Canada was seeking to join the agreement.

Canada and Australia were seeking a free-trade agreement under the U-C.B.A., which had been negotiated with the U before it was signed into law in 2015.

A Canadian official told Reuters that the U pressured Canada to reject the proposed agreement.

The U.N. and Canada both had the power to block a deal before it went to a vote.

In a December 2015 phone call, U.B.:C.’er Joseph Dunford told Dunford, who had been a top adviser to Obama, that Canada’s withdrawal from the U::C.A.: “We can’t negotiate on the basis of a U.-B.C.:C., and that’s what they are asking us to do,” the official said.

“They want to have a U-B.R.A.,” which would be Canada’s “free trade” agreement with the United Arab Emirates, the official added.

Dunford and Dunford had been “very vocal” in their opposition to the trade pact, the Canadian official said, but Dunford was unable to persuade Canada’s chief trade negotiator to change course and negotiate on his behalf.

Dunton left the U.<C.I.P.:U.

after about a year.

The official also said that Dunford’s predecessor at the U, Robert Bosch, who resigned in February, was not told of the U’s opposition to a deal with the Philippines and that Bosch was not given access to the draft agreement, which was circulated by a U.:B.E. official and leaked to the press. A senior

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