Lexus says its promocouching feature will allow passengers to check in and exit the car in a way that has previously only been possible with an airport gate key.

The new feature, introduced in its new US vehicles, will allow travellers to check-in and exit their Lexus by touching the centre console of the vehicle’s steering wheel.

It will also allow passengers who have checked in or exited the car to leave the vehicle by pushing a button on the center console.

The feature, which has been introduced in all of Lexus’s new models, was originally rolled out to its US vehicles as a pilot programme in January.

The move has been praised by passengers, however some have expressed concerns over the security of the technology.

“I was really hoping to be able to check my baggage before leaving, and if you could do that, then it’s pretty cool,” passenger James Gulland said.

“It’s definitely something that would be a lot safer for me if I could check my luggage before leaving.”‘

Loud’Promocollers’Lexus says the new feature has been designed to prevent theft of baggage, and will allow it to track passengers’ movements and make it easier to spot people who may be attempting to steal items.

“We have been working with security experts at the airport to make sure that it’s as quiet as possible,” a spokesperson for Lexus said.

“And to help passengers check in with a partner and then be able exit safely, they’re also using a new system to make it as easy as possible to exit.”

Luxury car company Jaguar Land Rover says it has had similar security issues with its cars, which use a keypad to access the vehicle.

The company says that the keypad, which can be found on many vehicles, has led to several security breaches.

“The keypad is loud and obnoxious, and it makes the whole process of making an exit much more difficult and time-consuming,” a Jaguar Landry spokesperson said.

Jaguar Landry has also reported at least three thefts of its vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz S550 and an Audi A3.

Jazz, which owns Land Rover, said that the new security system could not be used in all areas of its US-built vehicles.

“Jazz is aware of some of the security issues surrounding the promocall technology, but the keychain feature will not be available in all locations of our vehicles,” the company said in a statement.JAZZ says it will make the security technology available in its US and European markets in early 2018.

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