RTS, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, is banned in China after regulators blocked it from trading in the country.

RTS traded at $6,000 per coin on the Bitfinex exchange in late December, according to an analysis by CoinMarketCap.

The price is about half of the $50,000 market price of RTS on BitfineX.

China’s decision comes after RTS went live in early 2018, and ICOs have surged in popularity since then.

A total of 17 ICOs, most of them in the cryptocurrency space, are currently trading on China’s ICO exchange platform.RTS is a digital token and a smart contract platform, offering a decentralized exchange and smart contracts for digital tokens.

The platform allows anyone to create, exchange, and trade digital tokens with a simple and secure platform.

Rts is designed to provide a platform for distributed value and market liquidity.

The RTS token is the basis for all RTS smart contracts, which are executed on the platform.

The smart contracts are backed by RTS and are verified by the RTS team.

The regulator banned RTS in late November after a group of investors filed a lawsuit against RTS.

The complaint alleged that RTS violated the securities laws and regulations, including the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The RTS ICO ended in late October, and the regulator said that it is still reviewing the complaints.

However, RTS’s CEO, Zhou Hu, told the Financial Times that he would not be able to continue his ICO if he did not get a license.

The ICO raised a total of 2.2 billion RTS tokens.

RCTs first ICO was on August 4, 2018.

In October, RCT launched an initial coin offering (ICO) of RCT tokens, which raised $100 million in ICO funds.

In the days since RTS was banned, the cryptocurrency market has seen an explosion in activity.

Rcts token sale, for example, raised $15 million in less than three days.

The total RCT token sale value is estimated to be about $250 million.

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