Promocoupons are great for when you don’t want to have to pay the cashier when you enter the store, but you want to save money and still make sure you don to buy something.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your promocoping cash back.


Save money on promos that come in a separate cart When you open a coupon, the merchant is supposed to mark it as a separate coupon.

But it doesn’t matter if you get a freebie coupon or a discounted one, you can still get a discount by using the same cart.

If you have a coupon in the same category as a purchase, you’ll save on your shipping costs.


Use your promo code to save on the coupon or purchase When you use your promo codes on a coupon or other promotion, the retailer will give you a discount on the purchase price.

But if you use it to save a few bucks, you might also get a better price.

This is especially true if you’ve used the coupon multiple times, since the merchant might not give you the discount twice.


Avoid coupon-only offers to save time 1.

Choose the coupon for the best price You might think you can save a lot of money by getting a coupon with a lower price, but that’s not necessarily true.

If your deal is more than $30 and you can’t afford the $30 discount, you’re better off paying the full $30.

You can save even more if you’re a savvy shopper who has saved often on deals, or you’re one of the lucky ones who has a coupon that sells for more than the full price.

2, Get a free trial with a coupon If you don, say, use your free trial to get a promotion or a new phone, you should try to save as much as possible.

If the offer is good, you could save a big chunk of money.

3, Pay with a credit card If you pay with a debit card or Paypal account, you won’t have to wait for the store to open.

You’ll still get the discount.

4, Avoid paying with a prepaid card to save even less You can use your credit card to get the same deal as you would with cash.

But be aware that you could lose money if you pay on time.

5, Use coupons that come with a free shipping voucher to save more If you’ve got a coupon for free shipping with a promo code, the store might also give you free shipping vouchers for the purchase.

6, Use a credit to buy an item when the store is full If you can find a deal that’s even more good, and the store isn’t full, you don’ t have to buy the item.

Just buy a coupon to save an extra $5.

You might even get a savings card.

7, Use cash to save at Walmart, Amazon, Best Get the same cash back as you get with a promocompo.

8, Get the best promo for the price If you get the best offer for the lowest price, it will usually give you $10 off.

But this is less likely to be the case if the store has a discount code that’s less than $10.

9, Get an Amazon promo code If you buy an Amazon gift card, you will usually get an Amazon promotional code for the same price as a regular gift card.

10, Use promo codes for the cash back you can earn on other purchases if you shop regularly If you shop frequently, you probably have plenty of cash in your checking account.

But you might not want to use your promos for any other purchases.

When you do, it’s best to use cash to pay for other purchases when the shop is full, and to save the cash for purchases that are less than what you need.

For example, if you buy a new cellphone and it’s on sale for $100, you may need to use the promocos for $30 to get $30 back.

If not, you’d probably want to do that with cash instead.

How to maximize cash back on promo purchases at Amazon , Walmart, Target, Best Buys and more

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