Text to Slug

Online tools to convert text to slug are used to generate a URL-friendly version of a text string by replacing any spaces or special characters with hyphens or underscores. These tools are commonly used for creating search engine optimized (SEO) and user-friendly URLs.

Some popular online tools for converting text to slug include:

  1. ConvertCase.net: This website offers a free online tool to convert text to slug, which allows you to customize the separator character between words.

  2. Online-Convert.com: This website offers a text to slug converter that can be used to generate SEO-friendly URLs.

  3. SEO Book Slug Generator: This online tool allows you to enter a title or phrase, and it will automatically generate a slug based on the input.

  4. StringTools.net: This website offers a variety of text manipulation tools, including a text to slug converter.

  5. Yoast SEO Slug Generator: This is a popular WordPress plugin that generates SEO-friendly slugs for your website's posts and pages.

These online tools are easy to use and can save time when creating URLs for websites or blog posts.

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